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John Calkins - McKinsey and Company - Warner Bros., Time Warner Inc. - Lieberfarb and Associates - Senior Vice President SONY Pictures Entertainment

Who Made Money From Sony, AOL, Time Warner, Intel or IBM Stocks in the Last 6 Years and What Does this Have to Do with John Calkins?
Ok So John Calkins was at Warner Bros. , He Covers Up a Trillion Dollar Technology Scam, Warner Bros. will some day have to pay the price on. John Calkins, while at Warner Brothers was part of a Warner Bros. Stolen Technology Scam whereby John Calkins knowingly Allowed Warner Brothers to Use Propietary Information from the Iviewit Company even after Signing a Confidentiality Agreement, Once the Technology Was EXPOSED to Warner Brothers after they Promised, in Good Faith ... Secrecy and Confidentiality.. .Well Warner Brothers Took the Technology Started Using it and Well that was in 2002...

So with John Calkins Mis-Hap, Error, Lie ... Whatever you Want To Call it, well Warner Brothers Videos were far superior in quality then ever before and took much less bandwidth to create. Time Warner Inc. made a whole lot of Money from This Stolen Technology, no Doubt about it.

Back to Connecting the Dots on John Calkins Role in All This.

Did John Calkins Get the Credit for this "discovery" HE STOLE, then did John Calkins use this on his Resume to be the Head Honcho at Lieberfarb and Associates, Started by DVD Mega-Man Warren Lieberfarb ? And did John Calkins Use this Lie to to Getting Heavy Hitters in the IT business to be Clients at Warren Lieberfarb's Lieberfarb and Associates?

At what Point did Lieberfarb and Associates start 'Consulting' Intel Corp. as Now the Sony Big Shot John Calkins Brags about in Press Releases as Part of his Delusional Resume? Which he did not Brag about in the First Year of Lieberfarb and Associates Press Releases.

How did John Calkins get Intel to NEED tech Consulting from a Guy from Warner Bros. now at Lieberfarb and Associates ? My Guess is John Calkins had something that Intel Corp. wanted. Or John Calkins knew something Intel Corp. was Doing and Threatened to Expose Intel Corporation.

Ok so Now Where Did John Calkins Work at Before his Technology Stealing Job at Warner Brothers And Before his Job of " Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for Sony Pictures Entertainment " ?

Well John Calkins Press Release For his Super Duper Sony Job Says "Prior to joining Warner Bros, Calkins was with McKinsey & Company, as an Associate Principal in its Los Angeles office." So it Seems John Calkins has his Hands in All Kinds of Trouble, moving from Billion Dollar Company to Billion Dollar Company, Secrets and Propiertary information in hand.

And certainly lacking in Morals and Ethics, it is no Wonder Sony Wanted John Calkins or he Forced them Hire Him ... hmmmm... a Guy Like John Calkins Could Come in Handin...willing to Steal Technology, Possibly involved in Inside secrets that affect Stock Prices, has Heavy Hitter IT connections (not because of what he coudl to for them .. but my guess in title only as he had something on them.. just a guess)... a Guy who had all the Big IT Companies, Connected Attorneys and Industry Big Whigs eating out of his hand os he would not expose the Iviewit Situation that would Send Stocks Plummeting...

Ok So now about John Calkins and his Connections to McKinsey and Company

So in October of 2009 there was This Headline, "SEC Charges Intel, IBM, McKinsey & Company and Galleon Management for Insiders Trading". So We Know that Galleon is the Guy who CEO Paul Otellini was "Surprised" was involved with Insider Trading.

Now Intel and IBM are Both Using the Iviewit Stolen Technology, and both above the Law. Keep in mind that the Head of the USPTO (the US Patent Office) was a BIG patent Guy at IBM - so he will, no doubt insure IBM's best interest and Protect IBM. Ok So what do all these companies involved in Insider Trader have in Common ?

Well Knowledge of, and Use of the Iviewit Invention, they knew it was a Holy Grail Invention before they Stole it and with this, Economics 101 would say that if you knew any of this... knew that companies would soon have access to this Stolen Technology that would change the Internet Forever, change videos forever, be used in Simulators and so much more... well with this knowledge how in the WORLD could you RESIST not BUYING Stocks, share Secrets to other insiders so that when this Stolen Technology hit the market, the Stocks would Soar. And you would be Richer then you every Imagined you would be...

And being above the law and having connection in the USPTO, the Supreme Court, Political Power, Huge .. well Connected Law Firms in Your Pocket and Billions Upon Billions of Dollars at your Disposal YOU know that you will never be Held accountable for the Trillion Dollar Accounting Mistake made within these companies that would literally plummet the stock prices. So to keep this from happening, you would have to PAY off a lot of people in a lot of places...

There Would Be One Little Problem... Those Pesky Iviewit Inventors. However Controlling Judges, the State Bar, the SEC, the Patent Office, the Courts, the Attorney.. well this will be helpful in that. And WELL it may get Messy you may even have to Kill the Inventor to Keep this All QUIET... maybe say with a Car Bomb... if NOT Trillions in Stocks would be Worthless and the Secrets would Financially Bury Long Established Huge, Heavy Hitting, Billion Dollar Tech Companies World Wide, and We can't Have that.

So John Calkins and his Connections with McKinsey and Company and all these Names and Players, Surely the SEC is looking into John Calkins Connection to all this, he seems like the guy that has the most information and the most power in all this. I mean a Big Wig at Warner Brothers, then head of a Major IT Consulting Firm, now a Big Wig at Sony and Use to Work at McKinsey and Company, as an Associate Principal for 4 Years - Boy I sure Hope the SEC Connects All these Dots.

Stay Tuned for How this all Connects to H. Hickman Powell of Crossbow Ventures ... for More Information on the Iviewit Stolen Technology Scandal Involving all the Heavy Hitting IT Companies, and the Silencing of Inventors Rights.
John Calkins

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