Sunday, January 3, 2010

Warner Bros. - they Signed a Confidentiality Agreement and then Used the Invention Without Compensating the Inventor.

Shocking but True, we have seen from Internal Warner Brother Company emails that THEY certainly did not and years later, like 7 years.. have FAILED to do the RIGHT thing. The question of Why, begs to be answered. However, it is unlikely that we will ever get a Real Answer.

Maybe John Calkins has an answer and maybe John Calkins has seen some career advancements over 7 years as the Iviewit inventors are Bombed, faced with Economic Terror, Denied Due Process, Harassed and Cheated out of their Quality of Life, their Livlihood, there Compensation for something they Really Did Event and have given almost a Decade now to fighting this corruption with Warner Bros. Gets Richer and RICHER of of the Iviewit Stolen Technology.

Read this Site, it is Powerful information
on Just How Corrupt Our US Courts are and
How the FBI, the FTC, the SEC, the Department of Justice,
the USTPO and the Attorney General DOES not Care.
Corrupt Courts

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